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Treatment Options for Kidney Diseases

  • Treatment for kidney diseases depends on the cause of your kidney disease, the acuteness of presentation of kidney failure, the severity of the disease and overall health of the patient.  Discuss with your doctor regarding these issues.

  • Acute kidney failure can be caused by a variety of reasons such as low blood pressure, medications, muscle injury, and other immune diseases such as lupus, etc...  Treatment for these involve only observation, admission to hospital with intravenous medications, oral medications such as corticosteroids and immunosuppresses (cyclophosphamide, imuran, cellcept, cyclosporine etc).  Some patients may need dialysis temporarily or permanently. Some of these medications have serious side effects and you need to talk to your doctor regarding these options.

  • Chronic kidney disease is not reversible caused mostly by diabetes and high blood pressure.  It can also be caused by medications, and immune diseases etc...  Treatment for these usually involve a combination of strategies including medications (ACE inhibitors, ARBs), immunosuppresses, diet, optimal blood pressure and blood sugar control and lower protein diet,.  Anemia, phosphorus and cholesterol control and avoiding smoking will also help.  Chronic kidney disease usually progresses and patients may need dialysis when kidney function decreases to less than 10-15 percent. Your kidney specialist can discuss these various options with you.